Go-Pods.co.uk - Micro Tourer Caravans

Go-Pods.co.uk - Micro Tourer Caravans

With this website, we here at DoThatDomain were tasked with getting Go-Pods.co.uk website revamped - and their social media presence back in full swing.

This website design was based on a green and white theme - the same colours of the standard model of Go-Pod. White backgrounds always look extremely clean when designing websites, and it also makes the display of products a lot easier to edit, if needed in the future.

Due to Go-Pods being the #1 small caravan in the UK, they have many options available along with a whole host of information to match. This means that the website has to be laid out in an easy to access way, which isn't daunting to any visitor - regardless of their age group.

Go-Pods reaches very high levels of traffic each month, and is consistently on the rise since implementing regular changes across their website and social media platforms. This has boosted their SEO even further, and is highly evident to be increasing in parallel to their recent increase of sales.

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